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Do you know how to choose a cooling fan?

A cooling fan is a type of fan used to dissipate heat from the CPU, provided for use by heat sinks and chassis. It uses them to quickly transfer heat from the CPU and blow it into the nearby air, achieving a cooling effect. The quality of the cooling effect is directly related to the quality of the CPU cooling fan and fins.
All design engineers of motors and electronic products that require fan cooling must determine the air volume required for a specific system to dissipate heat, and the required air volume depends on understanding the system’s power consumption and whether it can carry enough heat to prevent overheating.
The fact shows that the service life of the system will decrease due to insufficient cooling system, so design engineers should also understand that the sales volume and price of the system may decrease because the service life of the system does not meet the user’s expectations.

Please consider the following objectives when selecting the correct ventilation components:
1. Best air flow efficiency
2. The smallest suitable size
3. Minimal noise
4. Minimum power consumption
5. Maximum reliability and service life
6. Reasonable total cost

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