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Working principle of fan heat dissipation

Industrial cooling fan manufacturers know that with the development of technology, the functionality of electronic products is also becoming stronger and stronger. During the process of using computers, we inevitably encounter the heat generated by electronic components, which leads to heat generation, thereby shortening the service life of electronic products and reducing their lifespan. So industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you that the cooling function of electronic components has become increasingly important.

And fans are the best way to solve heat dissipation. Fans use forced thermal convection to dissipate heat. Industrial cooling fan manufacturers tell you to rely on the guiding effect of industrial cooling fans, and then use the heat exchange between air and heat dissipation products to carry away heat, thus achieving a “forced convection” heat dissipation method.

The manufacturer of industrial cooling fans tells you that industrial fans are also divided into many categories, which can be summarized into the following three points:
1. According to the mode of fan blades and air flow, it is divided into axial fans and centrifugal fans.
2. According to the working current, it is divided into DC fans and AC fans.
3. According to the purpose of the fan, it can be divided into: power fan, chassis fan, audio fan, car fan, refrigerator fan, laptop CPU fan, and desktop computer fan.
The manufacturer of industrial cooling fans tells you the composition of a general fan: 1. The rotor part includes the fan blades, shaft, magnetic rings, and the outer frame of the magnetic ring. 2. Stator part: including motor, outer frame, bearings, and connectors. The control part consists of a Hall IC, a circuit board, and a series of components. However, bearings are a bottleneck factor in the lifespan of a fan, and when passing through, they also have a significant impact on the working noise and cost of the fan. The industrial cooling fan manufacturer tells you that the bearing system of the fan is generally divided into the following several (listed one by one according to the price): oil bearing, ball bearing, ceramic bearing, hydraulic Laifu bearing, and dynamic pressure bearing.

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